p.s. ‘Anything can happen on a snow day’"

The closing line of the e-mail my littlest sister sent me this morning. It’s one of the countless movie lines that my family brainlessly quotes to each other, usually for no reason, but sometimes because it’s relevant.

A few ‘anythings’ that have happened today. After staying up until 2am working on a paper, I found out at 7am that the university is closed. I proceeded to sleep-in. Late. Shortly after I woke up, I became involved in a snowball fight with our neighbors, the ladies of 37.

Then, I had to write a paper concerning narratives, concepts found in stories and their meanings for my Rhetorical Analysis and Criticism class. What did I use as my example piece? The story of the prodigal son found in Luke 15. God, thank you for creatively allowing me to do and research some sweet things in my classes. I’ve really enjoyed this class so far. It’s a class that has been helpful to me in opening my eyes to why certain words, methods and styles are used by communicators and how effective these strategies are. It has been a thought provoking class, and has encouraged me to critically think about cultures and communication in a way that I first encountered from reading Mark Driscoll’s “Radical Reformission.”

What else will happen on a snow day?…


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