Be a Thermostat

“Wisdom rests in the heart of a man of understanding, but it makes itself known even in the midst of fools.”

Proverbs 14:33
This past fall, I was struck by the comments of a speaker at a campus ministry retreat with Ohio University. In speaking to a group of a men, he spoke about being someone who is like a rock and a thermostat. Being a thermometer, you simply adjust to the temperature of your surroundings, and go along with what others do and say. Conversely, as a thermostat, you are the one who changes the temperature of the room, and is not molded, but is the molder.
In this verse, even as the “man of understanding” is surrounding by fools, still he clings to wisdom, does not shrink back from those around him, but goes even further and even makes known wisdom.

About Aaron Golby

Christian. Husband to Katherine.
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One Response to Be a Thermostat

  1. kstreet17 says:

    Couldn't have said it better myself

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