Proud of My Wife

There were 5 people on the panel, and 3 of them have suffered from eating disorders.
It was so clear that each of these 3, in recovering from their eating disorders, had filled their lives with something else.

Whenever we take something out of our lives, it always gets filled with something else. 

My wife testified to the grace that she received from God, and the miraculous transformation that had occurred in her life, and how God had supernaturally delivered her from her struggles with eating disorders.  
One of the other panelists had become so engrossed in her academics and pride in her intelligence. It was so obvious where she placed her entire sense of purpose in life. She had been able to overcome her eating disorder by filling that place of her heart and mind with the sense of pride she got from her college degrees and her research. The words that she used communicated that she was speaking down to the audience, and screamed, “Look at me! Look at who I am and where I’ve brought myself!”
We as humans were made to worship, and we’re always worshipping something. For good or for evil.

About Aaron Golby

Christian. Husband to Katherine.
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