Recently Finished: The Gospel & Personal Evangelism

I recently finished The Gospel and Personal Evangelism. A good, short read (about 119 pages) by Mark Dever.

Dever goes through:
Why Don’t We Evangelize?
What is the Gospel?
Who Should We Evangelize?
How Should We Evangelize?
What Isn’t Evanglism?
What Should We Do After We Evangelize?
Why Should We Evangelize?

Some good points were:
-ask questions and listen (p. 66)
-if someone accepts Christ, evangelism should find its fulfillment in discipleship. Truly trusting Christ will always show itself by folowing Him (p. 91)
-according to the Bible, good motives for evangelism are: desire to be obedient, love for the lost, and a love for God (96)
-Tips on being a good customer: be a patient customer, good tipper, and conversationalist, even when we haven’t budgeted time for it (p. 117)

I also thought it was neat and refreshing reading about a pastor who mentions that he does “contact evanglism” (initiative evanglism), p. 83.

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