David Platt on Paul’s Letter to the Roman Church

This morning I listened to a great Together 4 the Gospel seminar message by David Platt. Platt discusses the book of Romans, and says that Paul reminds the Roman church of the glory of the gospel. Paul concludes the letter by showing that the gospel needs to go to unreached places. To the Roman church reminding them that since they love Christ and the gospel, they should want others to love Christ and the gospel.

So, in a sense, Paul reminds the church of the Gospel, and teaches them deep truths. And then, he concludes the letter by basically saying, ‘in light of what I have spent 15 chapters saying to you, I’m going to take this glorious truth to Spain, a place that has never heard the gospel.

Here’s what Justin Taylor says of the message:
It’s essentially the same as chapter 7 of his book, Radical, and he argues that gospel theology demands a missional urgency. He walks through the book of Romans to show seven truths about people who have never heard of Jesus:
1)All people have knowledge of God
2)All people reject God
3)All people are guilty before God
4)All people are condemned for rejecting God
5)God has made a way of salvation for the lost
6)People cannot come to God apart from faith in Christ
7)Christ commands the church to make the gospel known to all peoples

You can download David Platt’s message here, entitled: An Unadjusted Gospel in an Unreached World


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