Expansion of the World Christian Movement: 5 Lessons from Perspectives Class Tonight

I want to briefly outline 5 main lessons I learned at my Perspectives class tonight. It’s week 6 of the class and this week’s topic is “Expansion of the World Christian Movement.” Our speaker tonight was Yvonne Honeycutt of WayMakers.

1)If people really knew history, they would see that just because the gospel has been to certain places geographically, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be brought back. The gospel has been to China, India, North Africa, and other places that are today “unreached”. Many view Western Europe as having already had the Gospel, and now they’ve turned from it. However, the same thing has been done in China, India, and Arab locations today, and yet it doesn’t take much for Christians to recognize that the Gospel is needed in these locations. The Irish monks re-evangelized Europe and the Barbarians after the Irish Celts had been a ferocious, violent people before coming to Christ as a result of Europe evangelizing England.

2)Bible translation is so important to sustaining growth of Christianity in locations so people can grow and learn themselves and develop indigenous leadership. Being able to read the Bible for oneself ensures that one is not easily swayed and led astray to false teachings or false religions.

3)God can use any instrument for His purposes…even heretics. (Although false teachings still need to be corrected). God used heretics such as Ulfilla, a heretical Arian Christian to be the first person to translate the entire Bible (Old & New Testaments) into a new language so that the Goths would be exposed to the One True God. Tatian, who was terribly off in a number of beliefs, translates the Gospels in Syriac, unleashing the Gospel into Asia because it was a common language.

4)Christianity is best off when it is not tied in with nationalism.

5)God’s purpose to forward His mission will happen, with or without the cooperation of His people.


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