What You’re Missing Out On

While reading an article by Samuel Moffett, he describes a great illustration that reminds me of asking God for greater love for Him so that we can pass on our love for God to others.

“One of the happiest lessons I ever learned about evangelism came not from a professional evangelist, but from a watermelon vendor. It was in a Korean village, and my wife came up to ask the vendor how much a watermelon cost. He was so surprised at finding a long-nosed foreigner that at first he was struck dumb. He even forgot to tell her the price. there was something more important he wanted to say. He asked, “Are you a Christian?” And when she replied, “Yes,” he smiled all over. “Oh, I’m so glad,” he said, “because if you weren’t I was going to tell you how much you are missing.”    (Perspectives, 600)


About Aaron Golby

Christian. Husband to Katherine.
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