God’s Sovereignty, Our Responsibility

“The Bible as a whole, and sometimes in specific texts, presupposes or teaches that both of the following propositions are true:
1. God is absolutely sovereign, but his sovereignty never functions in such a way that human responsibility is curtailed, minimized or mitigated.
2. Human beings are morally responsible creatures-they significantly choose, rebel, obey, believe, defy, make decisions, and so forth, and they are rightly held accountable for such actions; but this characteristic never functions so as to make God absolutely contingent.
The Bible upholds the truth of both of these propositions simultaneously. The view that both of these propsoitions are true I shall call compatibilism. We could call this view anything we like, but for various historical reasons this seems like a good term to use. All I mean by it is that, so far as the Bible is concerned, the two propositions are taught and are mutually compatible.”
D.A. Carson, How Long O Lord, p. 179

About Aaron Golby

Christian. Husband to Katherine.
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