“Talking With Your Hands”, and the Apostles

In reading, I noticed something seemingly random. It seemed interesting that the biblical authors help the readers picture the scene, by including subtle actions such as “motioning with his hands.”

In speaking to an engaged audience at a synagogue in Antioch, we’re informed that the guest speaker, Paul, “stood up, and motioning with his hands, said…” (Acts 13:16). Similarly, in speaking to a hostile Jewish crowd in Jerusalem, “Paul, standing on the steps, motioned with his hand to the people…” (Acts 21:40).  (cf. Peter in Acts 12:16)

God, in His wisdom, decided that we should know even little things like this. I believe even those words to be holy and inspired by God using men carried along by the Holy Spirit to write that down.


About Aaron Golby

Christian. Husband to Katherine.
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