Living in the Shadows

“We all tend to live with boundaries between our public and private lives. There is something in all of us that wants to live in the shadows rather than in the light. We want to minimize how bad we are and maximize how bad others are. It is always easier to blame the other person rather than look at ourselves. If we keep God on the periphery of our lives, our Christianity will become an empty shell of rules and beliefs rather than a relationship of grace, hope, and change.”
How People Change, p. 200

 The response? Walk in the light, confess to Christ, and ask Him to transform you.

“Change is not rooted in a body of knowledge, a set of rules, theological outlines, or behavioral techniques. It is the result of your heart’s transformation by the risen Lord. As His grace rules our hearts, we can keep His commands.”
How People Change,  p. 195


About Aaron Golby

Christian. Husband to Katherine.
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