The Secular World & Fragmentary Meaning

“As we look at the difference between the secular world and the Christian world, here’s what i concluded one day: In the secular world they give you tiny, little meanings, with no ultimate meaning. They give you tiny, little purposes, with no ultimate purpose. And so they have no skin for life, they just have this fragmentary way of going about it, ¬†finding momentary meaning and momentary purposes, with no ultimate meaning, and no ultimate purpose.

But this is so drastically different to what the Christian message is all about.”
-Ravi Zacharias, “Created for Significance, Part 3 of 4

I think one of the reasons I appreciated this quote so much was that it summarizes an observation I’ve had in talking to non-Christians about faith and ultimate purpose. Most people do not have a comprehensive worldview of ultimate meaning, purpose, or identity. Most people can articulate a few things, but few have thought through what they believe and come to a comprehensive worldview, let alone why they believe it (not that someone needs to have understanding and thoughts on every single topic, but having a worldview that can be applied to the main questions of life and thus can be applied to all aspects of life).

But the Christian faith is meant to permeate all aspects of our lives. It’s not meant to be something just done on Sunday mornings, but rather is something that affects every aspects of how we live, think, relate, and feel. As Ravi Zacharias says, it is the “skin” that covers all aspects of life.

One question I love asking non-Christians who are involved in volunteering or various social or political causes is, “What motivates you to do ____?” I find that people have some interesting, and sometimes illogical, responses and motivations for doing what they do. But they all come down to finding meaning, purpose, and identity in creation (themselves, others people, animals, etc.), and not in the Creator.

We were created by God and in His image, and can have relationship with Him, can glorify Him and delight in Him, and those truths give us meaning, purpose, and identity.


About Aaron Golby

Christian. Husband to Katherine.
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